New Classes, New Shop

I've been taking lots of online art classes, and am currently taking three yearlong courses, two of which I was fortunate to win free tuition to! The courses I won are Let's Face It 2019 and more recently Make Create Express 2019. The other is Paint Your Heart and Soul 2019. Fortunately they do not expire at the end of the year, because I am way, way, behind, partly due to health issues and partly because...

I am currently focusing on what I learned in separate classes by Jerney Marisha: Tiny Portraits, Tiny Palette, and Daily Doodling, both of which I have completed. I'm looking forward to her class No Press? No Problem! I really love Jerney's teaching style as well as what she teaches - she is so much fun. Her painting method in Tiny Portraits, Tiny Palette really clicked with me, and you can see some of the artwork I did for her classes below and in my NEW Redbubble shop.

Waiting, Watching, Wondering - acrylic on khadi paperWaiting, Watching, Wondering is the first piece I did for Tiny Portraits, Tiny Palette.

I did The Message for another lesson in Tiny Portraits, Tiny Palette.

Dreaming of Faraway Lands is a charcoal sketch I did for a Jerney Marisha‘s lesson in the Art is Magic free weekend.

Before I traipse off to my art room to see what I can make today, let me say thanks for visiting! Come back again soon and see what's new!

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