Artistic Grunge

Maybe it was making mud pies as a child, or growing up in New Orleans with its laissez-faire attitude and old town charm. Perhaps it's my own ancient spirit deep within me. Wherever it comes from, I do enjoy the artistic aspects of grunge.

(Linked items are available for sale in my FineArtAmerica shop.)

abandoned house in Gainesville, Florida
Open House
Starting with grunge that is naturally there, here's a photo I took of an abandoned house in Gainesville, Florida. Old, worn, and broken-down, it still presents photogenic beauty in the eyes of an appreciative photographer.

Then there's artistic grunge added after the fact. Here are before and after versions of two Florida Sunsets. The originals were adequate snapshots, but had artistically distracting details and lacked pizazz. I did post-processing in Photoshop, adding texture filters and various adjustments to make the photos sing, with a grungy, raspy voice.
florida sunset original before
Golden Sunset - before
Golden Sunset - after

Fiery Sunset - before
Fiery Sunset - after

And finally, there's what I did to this crop of an industrial lighting photo.

Industrial lights at Utica NY train station
Industrial Lights (original)

Industrial lights grunge version
Love Those Industrial Lights

Grunge can be fun, artistic, expressive, and add unexpected elements not seen in the original. For example, the final photo, Love Those Industrial Lights, has what appears to be an upside-down black cat peering from behind the beam in the lower left corner!

Grunge is a popular artistic style today. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my versions it.

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My Artwork Slideshow

Here's a slideshow of some of my artwork at FineArtAmerica. It's updated automatically with new photos, so come back and see it again. You can purchase my photographs as prints, on canvas, or as greeting cards! Click any image you like for more info and to order.

Art Prints

Autumn Leaves

As summer fades away, autumn comes with wonderful colors and crisp air. We don't get much autumn color here in Florida - or a lot of cool crisp air for that matter. So I'll share with you some photos I have taken in northern climes, where autumn is a colorful season enjoyed by many.

This was taken at Chateau de Chenonceau in France. It is not for sale, but it is pretty.

golden leaves on trees
Avenue of Plane Trees

Here's one that is for sale, a photo of vines on the wall at Chateau de Chenonceau. I love the soft hues in the leaves.

reddish hues in autumn leaves on wall at Chateau de Chenonceau France
Vines on Wall, by Randi Kuhne

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I've Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now

Well, actually, I first saw clouds from the other side when I was 12, when my family flew from New Orleans to Mexico City. But since this post is about clouds I couldn't resist the title.

This bumper sticker with a photo I took above the clouds is one of my best sellers. It's available at Zazzle. Great for pilots!

I'd Rather be Flying! by Randi Kuhne

I also posted about a great storm that blew through Florida. This image is for sale at FineArtAmerica as prints or greeting cards.

Comes the Storm, by Randi Kuhne

And here's a lovely double image with clouds reflected in a Florida lake.

Lake Reflection, by Randi Kuhne

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Water, Water, Everywhere

It rains a lot in Florida this time of year. Here's an image from a storm that blew through here, with the most amazing clouds. I've never seen anything like them anywhere I've lived. You can purchase it at FineArtAmerica - just click the image or link. I also did a blog post with other images of this storm for your viewing pleasure. Only this one is for sale, though.

photo of storm clouds stormy sky
Comes the Storm, by Randi Kuhne

When it's sunny, there's lots of water (from all the storms, you know!) Here's a local lake on a calm day. (It's for sale, too.)

reflection of trees and clouds in a calm lake
Lake Reflection, by Randi Kuhne

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Fall Leaves

Summertime is coming to a close, and Fall will be here soon. It will be a nice break from the Florida heat - hooray for the rest of the year and its lovely weather! We don't get a lot of Fall color here, so here's an image I took one October in France. It's from an outbuilding at Chateau de Chenonceau, in the Loire valley.

I love the rich red hues of the leaves on the vines. They are so lovely against the old walls of the building. If you like this image, you can purchase it as prints or greeting cards. Just click the image or the link below it for more info and to order at FineArtAmerica.

Red Vines at Chateau de Chenonceau, France

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Collegiate Church Of Saint Sylvain

Besides their wonderful architecture, churches often have a feeling of calm security about them. I think that comes about party from the proportions of the interior architecture itself, and partly from the years of visitations by prayerful souls.

One of the oldest churches I have been inside is the Collegiate Church Of Saint Sylvain in Levroux, France. Just look at the ceiling! It's so old, and yet so lovely.

Vaulted Ceiling in Collegiate Church of Saint Sylvain
You can see more of my images of this church and others I took in France at FineArtAmerica, where you can purchase them as prints and greeting cards.

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Wall Art

A home or business without art on the wall looks stark. It is so easy to add life to your walls. At home, you can collect family photographs and group them in an artistic arrangement on a wall. Combine them with some family artifacts. Perhaps frame a piece of lace grandma made. Or add a shelf beside or beneath them with collectibles from family trips. Remember to keep color and proportion in mind.

To fill large spaces you can't go wrong with posters and other large art. No, I don't mean thumb tack or tape posters from the local discount store all over your walls - I mean real art. You can get quality artwork printed on a variety of materials online at Here's one of the images I have for sale there.

red vines on wall at Chateau de Chenonceau, France, by Randi Kuhne
Wall at Chateau de Chenonceau, France, by Randi Kuhne

Take a look and you're sure to find your favorite subjects and styles! Here are some links to get you started. The subjects here are walls and windows. (Yes, you can put images of walls on your walls!)

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Field of Dreams

Fields are so dreamy, don't you think? I love photography and travelling the countryside wherever I go. I like to drive on back roads. And more than anything I love the gorgeous greens seen in nature: trees, bushes, grass, wild plants, gardens.

You can see the image above and more of my photos at FineArtAmerica.

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Randi Kuhne Photography at FineArtAmerica

I've opened a new shop at with photos I have taken on my travels in the northeastern United States, France, and right here at home in Florida.

You can get my images as prints, posters, metal or acrylic prints, on canvas or as canvas wrap in a wide range of sizes, unmounted, mounted, matted, or framed.

They're also available as 5x7" greeting cards, but you'll need to click this link.
Note that with postcards you can move the image around, make it larger or smaller, and can choose a black background for the front (if there's a border) and back of the card. (The inside remains white.) You can add text to the inside.

Here are some of my latest images. You can purchase them right here on my blog. The "Click Here to Purchase" button brings up a shopping cart window, complete with a menu so you can browse all my photos. (If you click an image you are taken to a popup with ordering info for that image.)

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