Our Lovely Weather

Florida has the loveliest weather! Right now, while my friends and family up north are starting to bundle up, I'm still wearing short sleeves. And yet it's finally cool enough again to work outside in the yard. Our average temperatures are mild to very warm throughout the year.

It isn't quite perfect. We do get lots of thunder in late summer, and the occasional wild breeze (hurricane). We get a few light freezes, and a couple hard freezes most years. But we go many years without so much as a snow flurry.

We get tons of sunshine, though we have also had some problems with drought to go along with that. But we get enough rain to water the wildflowers and sprout some mushrooms.

So why am I not outside? Why do I not have a window open? Answers: desktop computer, don't need a/c if I keep the window closed, too much glare. [update: It's now 5pm, and lovely with the window open!]

When I do go outside, most often it is to enjoy my own yard, part of which I keep wild and friendly for wildlife and wildflowers.

There's quite a variety of native wildflowers in my yard, including:


and Cardinal Sage.

Butterflies, such as this Western Gulf Frittilary, enjoy them, too.

So do other bugs, such as these June Bugs or love bugs. But unlike butterflies, Floridians aren't so fond of these, which in their season are hazardous to the cleanliness of your car windshield, and to the paint itself if not cleaned off soon after a trip.

The flower they're on is horsemint, whose flowers range from whitish to dark pink / purplish, depending on whatever changes their mood.

In the winter and early spring, we can hang out, comfortably, at the beach. Perhaps with a light jacket; it does get breezy.

Even if it's a bit cool, brave souls can be seen splashing their little tootsies in the water.

This particular little one also has a blast chasing the birds on the beach. (These two beach photos were taken in late March.)

We're famous for our lovely sunsets...

...and after the summer rains, you're likely to see a rainbow.

We have lots of green year-round...

...but if you look closely, you'll see the warm hues of fall, too! These smilax berries are tiny but colorful.

So if you like sunshine, warmth, lots of greenery, and can put up with the bugs, come to Florida! See all the wild loveliness we enjoy throughout the year.

P.S. This post doesn't contain any pictures of the no-see-ums I mention in my About Me section. Can you guess why not?

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