Amazing Storm Photos

I happened to be outside when this awesome and unusual storm approached. The clouds were like nothing I've ever seen before, and we have a lot of storms in Florida! I enhanced the exposures and color tinted the photos in Photoshop.

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Note: All photos on this page are my own, copyrighted by me. If you want to add them to a social website such as Pinterest, you may do so only if you credit the photographer (Randi Kuhne) and link to this page. If you want to use my photos in your blog, please ask permission first.

I walked out onto my back porch as the storm approached. I so wished I had a very wide angle lens to shoot the entire dome seen in the first two photos. It was magnificent, and the exposures are essentially untouched.

dome cloud 1
dome cloud 2
The photo above had some effects added in addition to the color and exposure enhancements, all done in Photoshop.

The color in these two photos are as they really were. I enhanced their exposure in Photoshop.

This last photo, tinted blue, is my favorite. The clouds remind me of Vincent van Gogh's painted skies.

The images on this page are not for sale in my imagekind shop - at least not yet. If you see one you want, add a comment and I'll set one up for you.

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