Wall Art

A home or business without art on the wall looks stark. It is so easy to add life to your walls. At home, you can collect family photographs and group them in an artistic arrangement on a wall. Combine them with some family artifacts. Perhaps frame a piece of lace grandma made. Or add a shelf beside or beneath them with collectibles from family trips. Remember to keep color and proportion in mind.

To fill large spaces you can't go wrong with posters and other large art. No, I don't mean thumb tack or tape posters from the local discount store all over your walls - I mean real art. You can get quality artwork printed on a variety of materials online at FineArtAmerica.com. Here's one of the images I have for sale there.

red vines on wall at Chateau de Chenonceau, France, by Randi Kuhne
Wall at Chateau de Chenonceau, France, by Randi Kuhne

Take a look and you're sure to find your favorite subjects and styles! Here are some links to get you started. The subjects here are walls and windows. (Yes, you can put images of walls on your walls!)

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