Artistic Grunge

Maybe it was making mud pies as a child, or growing up in New Orleans with its laissez-faire attitude and old town charm. Perhaps it's my own ancient spirit deep within me. Wherever it comes from, I do enjoy the artistic aspects of grunge.

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abandoned house in Gainesville, Florida
Open House
Starting with grunge that is naturally there, here's a photo I took of an abandoned house in Gainesville, Florida. Old, worn, and broken-down, it still presents photogenic beauty in the eyes of an appreciative photographer.

Then there's artistic grunge added after the fact. Here are before and after versions of two Florida Sunsets. The originals were adequate snapshots, but had artistically distracting details and lacked pizazz. I did post-processing in Photoshop, adding texture filters and various adjustments to make the photos sing, with a grungy, raspy voice.
florida sunset original before
Golden Sunset - before
Golden Sunset - after

Fiery Sunset - before
Fiery Sunset - after

And finally, there's what I did to this crop of an industrial lighting photo.

Industrial lights at Utica NY train station
Industrial Lights (original)

Industrial lights grunge version
Love Those Industrial Lights

Grunge can be fun, artistic, expressive, and add unexpected elements not seen in the original. For example, the final photo, Love Those Industrial Lights, has what appears to be an upside-down black cat peering from behind the beam in the lower left corner!

Grunge is a popular artistic style today. I hope you have enjoyed seeing my versions it.

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