Procreate Portraits

I love drawing with my Apple Pencil in Procreate on my iPad Pro. I've taken numerous online classes, and experimented with various media, including digital art. One day I made one of the sketches in Procreate and posted it to a class group on Facebook. One of my fellow students really liked it and encouraged me to do more. I did, as you can see below!

I really enjoy making these, and love how each evolves from something basic and crude to a piece I adore. I've included some videos, generated in Procreate, to show you some sped-up versions of how they are made.
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Note: All photos on this page are my own, copyrighted by me. If you want to add them to a social website such as Pinterest, please only do so if you can credit the artist (Randi Kuhne) and if you can link to this page, I appreciate it! If you want to use my photos in your blog, you must ask permission first.

In the beginning, my sketches were very basic, not much better than I could do in high school back in the 70s.

"Nevertheless, she persisted!" Yes, I kept at it, sketching both on paper and digitally, and I slowly saw improvement. The more I sketched, the better I got. Which leads me to encourage anyone at any skill level, in any endeavor, to keep at it!

Inch by inch, practice after practice, I started to get the hang of it.

Personality started coming through more strongly. Here's the first video I'm sharing with you. Sometimes it looks like nothing is happening, but I'm just working on fine details that are harder to notice. When it's done, the "play" arrow will reappear.

It was at this point my classmate commented on the style of the second portrait, below. Encouraged, I tuned into the style that was emerging from me.

And on I went, with pretty much daily practice. I was becoming addicted to my creations - the final result of each was so rewarding, and the process itself was enjoyable and challenging (still is!)

I never know who will show up when I start sketching. I'm tickled when I do something quite different from what I have done previously.

Here's one I did in color.

This one is quite mysterious....

This is a recent favorite, and I'm so happy about where my style is now and how much I have improved.

Wide Eyes Surprise is my proudest achievement so far. You can purchase this image a wide variety of products at Fine Art America, including a shower curtain! If you have a quirky sense of humor, go for it! You can also get it on greeting cards and even supply your own text inside the card.

Thanks for visiting! Come back again to see more of my creations and how my abilities improve!

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