Swirly Curly Procreate Brush

I made this Procreate sketch using my custom Swirly Curly Hair Brush for the hair. The Swirly Curly brush for Procreate is available at Gumroad.

  • It works best with an Apple Pencil because there are added features in the brush.
  • If you are using your finger adjust the brush size and opacity as you work. You may find tapping (stamping) works better than dragging, especially for highlights.

Note: All original photos, images, and text on this page are my own, copyrighted by me. If you want to add them to a social website such as Pinterest, please only do so if you credit the photographer (Randi Kuhne) and if you link to this page or https://gumroad.com/brushesbyrandi. I appreciate it! If you want to use my photos in your blog, please ask permission first.


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