Impressionist Exhibit

My favorite works in the “Across The Atlantic: American Impressionism Through the French Lens” exhibit. They were mostly loaned by Reading Public Museum to the Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL. I saw the exhibit on its final day at the Appleton. Photo-taking was not allowed, so these are not my images. (I have included images from the Reading Public Museum's website, according to their fair use non-commercial permit, with a link to each image's page at

Click any image to see it larger.

Le Chapeau Epingle (The Hat Pin)
Pierre Auguste Renoir

Girl with a Hand Mirror
William McGregor Paxton

Summer Breezes
Robert Reid

Man Reading (Nicola d’Inverno)
John Singer Sargent

Japanese Peasant Girl
John LaFarge
(in person the painting was lovely - one of my faves; this photo is not impressive at all)

The Laundress Ironing (La Blanchisseuse Repassant)
Edgar Degas

The Bather (La Baigneuse)
Edgar Degas

The Singer (La Chanteuse)
Edgar Degas

The Baby's Hour
Leon-Augustin Lhermitte

Venice Celebration, The Marriage of the Adriatic and Gulf of Venice
Felix François Georges Philibert Ziem

Portrait of Mrs. Reid
George Agnew Reid

Mary Augusta Hiester Reid

Market Day
Nancy Maybin Ferguson

La Charrue (The Plow)
Camille Pissarro

La boucle de la Seine pres d'Herblay (The Loop of the Seine near Herblay)
Maximilien Luce

Summer Landscape with Haystacks
Victor Vignon

Sunshine and Shadow
Antonio Pietro Martino

Snowy Waters (This is the one Mary Upson, an Ocala commercial artist, was sketching. We chatted. I gave her my Etsy card.) (In person the painting was much more impressive!!)
John Fabian Carlson

The Canal
Soren Emil Carlsen

A Study in White 
Charles Webster Hawthorne

Homeward Way 
Charles Paul Gruppe

Les berges de la Seine à Bercy, effet de soir (The banks of the Seine in Bercy, effect of night) 
Albert Lebourg

Le Quai Sainte-Catherine, Martigues, France
Arthur Watson Sparks

Marine - Green and Gold
Henry Ward Ranger

The Harbor, Edgartown
Arrah Lee Gaul

Gloucester at Twilight
Guy Carleton Wiggins

The Approaching Storm
Jean Charles Cazin

Jean Charles Cazin

The River--March
Robert Spencer

Reading in Dry Winter
Joseph Trevitts

Towers in the Mist
Paulette Van Roekens

The Harbor (New England)
Harry Aiken Vincent

Francis Hopkinson Smith
Behind the Groote Kirk Dordrecht
Mary Stevenson Cassatt


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