Even in the Time of COVID

Even in the Time of COVID

I published my first book of poetry, dedicated to my mother who died of COVID-19 the day after Thanksgiving. It is available in softcover, eBook, and PDF formats through Blurb.

2020 was a stressful year for most of us, with joys amid the limitations and sorrows. The fourteen poems in this book reflect my pandemic experiences as I hunkered down at home, and shifted to virtual visitation with my mother who was in a nursing home.

As my mother's POA, I purchased for her (with her own money) a lovely Celtic harp and learned to play some simple tunes for her during our Facetime visits. It was a wonderful way for us to have quality time together, and she enjoyed my playing and a number of singalongs. Even with her dementia she remembered the lyrics to many of her old favorites and popular tunes. So there was much to be thankful for, including the technology that made it possible for us to spend time together.

Here is the poem from which the book takes its title:

Photo of my mom, via video, shortly before she passed away from COVID-19.
Photo of my mom, via video, shortly before she passed away from COVID-19.
Even in the Time of COVID

You went peacefully
Even though it was
The time of COVID
When so many with it
Did not.
And we were able
To be with you
In your final days
Final hours
As you took those
Imperceptible breaths.
We watched
From our homes
As others cared for you
So kindly
So thoughtfully
So tenderly
And we had peace
Even in our sadness.
Family gathered together
Around the globe
To be with you
As you calmly
And with dignity
Slipped away.
If you would like to order the book, click here to purchase at Blurb.

You can also read my previous blog post about my Mom's passing. It has a short bit of me playing harp. And there is a new page with the same title as this post, so I can keep it at the top of the menu.

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